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Chinese Engraving - (Chop, Stamp)

Personalized Calligraphy Art, from a professional artist,
and author of a calligraphy book . . .

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Read testimonials from people worldwide
who have enjoyed Guo Ming's work !


WTCQD's official resident artist, and lifelong
Tai Chi practitioner,Guo Ming.

Guo Ming is also the author of a wonderful
book on Chinese Calligraphy.

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Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's SMARTaichi Sponsor,

We received the two new works of art we ordered from you yesterday and they are beautiful. I am sending a picture of part of one work showing the Chinese characters.

These characters are repeated on the other new work as well.

The other photograph is of the first of Mr.Guo's work we received last year and had framed.

We intend to frame both new editions and give one as a gift.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Joe, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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Chinese Calligraphy
Original Customized Artwork
Not Reproductions
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Read testimonials from people worldwide
who have enjoyed Guo Ming's work !

Art of Chinese Calligraphy - (Love) Love
See YOUR NAME or personal message
in Chinese characters!

Chinese Calligraphy

The Chinese characters have a history over a thousand years. Many other ancient civilizations existed thousand of years ago, but their writing character vanished long ago with their culture. The Chinese characters have survived and still being use throughout China.

From ancient centuries till modern time, many calligraphers use brushes to make the Chinese characters very artistic. Not only did those calligraphers make calligraphy into a special form of Chinese art, it also worth a lot of money.


Guo Ming's art:

Hi Angela [& World Tai Chi & Qigong Day]

Just back from Florida where we had an amazing workshop. My art arrived and it is again so beautiful. My best friend saw it (he's Chinese) and he agreed that the interpretation was very beautiful and in keeping with the Tai Chi theme.

I would like to thank both yourself and the artist [Guo Ming] for your patience and perseverance in making this so perfectly right for me. Angela, you made sure that the logistics worked out and the order went smoothly and conveyed my messages to the artist with great understanding and patience.

Your artist [Guo Ming] then made a beautiful and accurate translation and created this strong yet delicate object for me to cherish and be proud of. Like Tai Chi, the art yields to his creativity and they are at one, he is truly blessed.

Blessings and love to you all

All Good things

Lesley Roberts (Tai Chi teacher -- United Kingdom)

Another Testimonial:

. . . thank you! I love my calligraphy, I have already had it matted and framed!

Would you please pass how much I appreciate this work being done, to the artist?

. . . I would like to give more calligraphy to close friends and family, probably for Christmas, so I'm cooking up in my mind, what would be good for each person individually, what might "fit" them. This would be in color for some, B&W for others.

Does the artist get very busy at that time of year? If so, I should be getting around to ordering them very soon. Once again, thanks so much. I look forward to getting some more for the Holidays.

Art of Chinese Calligraphy

Elegant Calligraphy Paintings . . . at reasonable prices.


Tao . . . "the way"                 Figure #1
Artist , Craftsman, & Author,

Guo Ming Chen, raised in China, studied both Chinese Calligraphy and T'ai Chi his whole life!

Guo Ming began painting at the age of five years old, and his T'ai Chi practice in the Chen Style, began when he was 13.

We were delighted when Guo Ming agreed to offer his work through World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day to help our global healing efforts.

Read testimonials from people worldwide
who have enjoyed Guo Ming's work !

Art of Chinese Calligraphy - (Artist)
Figure #2
11 x 14 inches
Art of Chinese Calligraphy - (Dragon)
Figure #3

Read testimonials from people worldwide
who have enjoyed Guo Ming's work !

"Happiness, Love, Peace"

"Happiness, Wealth, Longevity"

"Happy Family"

in elegant 3 and 4 character multi-colour paintings
Art of Chinese Calligraphy - (Happiness)
Figure #4

Read testimonials from people worldwide
who have enjoyed Guo Ming's work !

Above you see examples of Guo Ming's beautiful work. He is the author of a book on Chinese Calligraphy.

Guo Ming will personalize paintings for you in elegant black or multi-colour calligraphy that spells your name or a loved ones name in Chinese characters that phonetically spell your name. Or, perhaps you'd like a personalized Taoist poem for your home or school. Whatever message you can dream . . . Guo Ming can create in his elegant calligraphic writing style.

All of these calligraphic paintings are originals by Guo Ming, Guo Ming does not sell mass produced prints.

. Chinese Engraving - (Chop, Stamp)

History and Explanation of Chinese Calligraphy
The art of Chinese calligraphy is an ancient oriental art that uses Chinese characters to convey the emotions and spirit of the artist. It turned the Chinese language into an art form that can express emotion and spiritual awareness in a way that poetry has in the West. Chi (Qi) or life energy is focused from the artist's dan tien to flow through the body and out through the brush to form the flowing characters on the page.

Many accomplished calligraphers are also tai chi (taiji) or chi kung (qigong) practitioners who have a good grasp of the flow of energy through their body, mind, and heart. Guo Ming Chen, who provides personalized Chinese Calligraphy paintings through World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is such a calligrapher.

Guo Ming studied the art of Chinese Calligraphy from the age of five, and tai chi (taiji) from the age of 13. The two created within him a subtle awareness that is expressed in the beauty of his Chinese Calligraphy.

Individuals can use the art of Chinese Calligraphy to beautify their homes, or teachers can use it to add an exotic and meaningful beauty to their classes, offices, or studios.

Although the art of Calligraphy began in China, it has spread throughout many south east asian countries, and can now be seen in Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese calligraphy art as well.

Westerners can learn much on a subconscious level about asian and Chinese culture through enjoying the beauty of the art of calligraphy. The flowing characters appear as flowing water, cascading rain, drifting clouds, or blooming flowers carrying within their literal meaning a deeper meaning of the endless motion of life and the inevitability of change and transition.

Beginning in the 5th century BC, this thousands of year old art has an unhurried quality that can be a great healing therapy for our modern over rushed world. The art of chinese calligraphy can be a soothing balm. The unhurried flow of the characters observed on our home's wall, or especially office wall is a constant reminder that life is constant change and rushing through it does not really get us there faster, for we are in flow and motion even when being still, just as the art of calligraphy seems to be.

Guo Ming can create personalized Chinese Calligraphy to your liking with your name, or schools, or loved ones name, or any other message you'd like converted into the art of Chinese Chinese Calligraphy. Click on the above links to get to the size and style of chinese calligraphy you desire.