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-- E. Young, California
A must have for stressed people. Thanks for being the guide.
-- Johan Pyfferoen, Veurne, Belgium
Your videos are the best Tai chi videos I've seen ... easy to follow.
-- Francesca Sato, Rome, Italy
If you want clear instruction, a knowledgable instructor, and a great product get this DVD!
-- Arthur L. Fleschner, Philadelphia, PA

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Bill Douglas.

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"2012 The Awakening Should be required reading
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- Steve Alten, New York Times
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- Coleen Rowley, TIME Magazine Person of the Year
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"... as fascinating as Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code"
- Jais Booth, founder of San Francisco Bay Area's
   Liminal Art Movement

"prolific tale . . . Bill Douglas is a true visionary.
- Jill Dutton, Publisher of Evolving Magazine

"intelligent page-turning"
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   Commission on Complementary & Alternative Medicine

   Policy (under Clinton)

"a powerful story"
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"WOW! So moving, I wept. So intriguing, I could not put it down!"
- Kristopher M. Kriner, Sufi Cherag, Composer/Performer of the
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"What a great read!"
- Rev. Nathaniel G. Haaland

"I LOVED this book! Bill Douglas takes us on a riveting journey ... [and] reminds us that through the work of many we can congregate as one."
- Crisosto Apache (Mescalero Apache),
  Director, Two Spirit Society of Denver

Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion."

There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice ... has value in treating or preventing many health problems.

-- Harvard Medical Health Publication, May, 2009


Anthology of Tai Chi & Qigong DVD, best selling The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong, and the Anthology of Qigong Meditation CD

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Qigong Meditation for Children CD

Audio CD for Children - Qigong Meditation for Children's CD

Teaches Qigong breathing, self awareness, visualization, and relaxation techniques, coupled with a series of enjoyable adventures of the mind.

Perfect for bed time or nap time. Parents or Teachers can lie down and enjoy the stress relief as well!


This CD's presenter has taught children's classes through Kid's University, Healthy Kids, and other venues using this and other techniques to enhance children's ability to focus and handle stress.

These tools can benefit a child for a lifetime.

Only $16.00

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